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Federal Employees Face Attacks from Administration

This article was originally published on AFGE’s website In his fiscal 2021 budget proposal released Feb. 10., President Trump continued to wage war against his own workforce with plans to eliminate their jobs, cut their retirement and paid leave, and change their pay system to lower their pay. Read More

ICYMI: Philly Defenders Vote Union Yes, Recognized By NLRB

On February 12, 223 public defenders at the Defender Association of Philadelphia (a.k.a the Philly Defenders Union) voted to join the UAW International Union. On February 20, the union announced on Twitter that they had been formally recognized by the NLRB. Read More

This Week in Labor History -Philadelphia General Strike

On February 19, 1910, the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company fired 173 union workers and brought in replacements from New York. This sparked what would become a city-wide General strike in 1910. Check Out this Labor History in Two Story and Listen The Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees Local 477 had been trying to negotiate fewer hours, higher wages and union recognition for almost a year. Read More

AFT Demands Infrastructure Investment, Safe Schools

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is proud to stand with unions across the Commonwealth to demand an end to Toxic Schools. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten published the following AFT Voices editorial in support of PA’s #FundOurFacilities Coalition: “Every day I go to school, I feel like I’m in a prison or a junkyard,” wrote one fourth-grader. Read More

Philadelphia Council Hosts 17th Labor Leadership Training

This year the topic of the programs and panels was organizing, especially in new and emerging sectors. National AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler gave the keynote address. PA AFL-CIO President Bloomingdale gave the opening remarks, while Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder and Data Director Mike Johnson held a training on the update to Pennsylvania’s election laws under Act 77. Read More

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